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How do I login? Back to Top
If you wish to post on our forums, you first need to register an account. Once registered, you can login via the "login center" to the right of your screen.

I forgot my password! Back to Top
Many people forget their passwords, so don't feel too silly... We've all done it!

You can retrieve your password in our password retrieval area.

Can I use HTML? Back to Top
No, for security reasons, our forums do not permit the use of HTML. Our older forums did, but these new and improved forums do not. However, we do have a range of markup codes available for you to use, similar to those used on UBB forums.

Adding images to posts or sigs... Back to Top
We have two codes for adding images:
[image] URL of image [/image]
[img] URL of image [/img]

The above tags will allow you to post an image in our forums or to use in your signature.

Using URL's & Links Back to Top
Linking websites is pretty easy, just use one of the following codes:
[url] URL of website [/url]
[url= URL of website ] My URL [/url]

Aligning Text Back to Top
Aligning text brings life to posts! The following codes are available for use:
    [center]this is an example[/center] ~ centres your text.
    [left]this is an example[/left] ~ aligns your text against the lefthand margin.
    [right]this is an example[/right] ~ aligns your text against the righthand margin.

Bold & Italic Text Back to Top
Using the following codes will make your text standout:
    [b]this is an example[/b] will appear as: this is an example
    [i]this is an example[/i] will appear as: this is an example.
    [u]this is an example[/u] will appear as: this is an example
    [s]this is an example[/s] will appear as: this is an example

Making Lists Back to Top
To indent text to form a list, use [blockquote]this is an example[/blockquote]. This will appear as:
    this is an example
To add bulleted items, place [bul] or [li] in front of each item you wish to appear in the list. This will appear as:
  • this is an example

Quoting Text Back to Top
To quote text, place [quote]this is a quote[/quote] around your text.

Adding a Line Back to Top
To add a seperating line into your posts, use [hr].

This will appear as:

Coloured and Glowing Text Back to Top
We have set codes up to cater for both American and UK/Australian spelling, as well as to cater for the basic colours, but mainly using hex codes. The following codes will work:
    [color=red]this is an example[/color]
    [colour=red]this is an example[/colour]
    [c=red]this is an example[/c]
The above will all appear as: this is an example. To view the different possible hex codes, do a Google search.

As with normal coloured text, glow text uses hex codes or the base colour words, such as red or green. To use glowing text, use the following codes:

    [glow=red]this is an example[/glow]
    [g=red]this is an example[/g]
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