Horizons Adventures: The Galaxy Is Waiting For You
Horizons Adventures? Sounds Cool... What Is It?
The Adventures format is an interactive experience where you crew commands the bridge of a Starship.

Outfit your vessel with Upgrades provided by your Quartermaster to aid you on one of multiple missions in a continuing storyline. Six roles await those valiant enough to board the bridge in this interactive experience featuring a fully interactive bridge set, touch screens, expansive galactic setting, live NPCs and more.

At the start each player is issued a free folio of 10 Ship Upgrades ($10 value), with even more Ship Upgrades awarded at the completion of their mission. They can also be used in future adventures to make the ASC Eagle even stronger! If you are a fan of Artemis, Empty Epsilon or Star Trek: Bridge Crew this is the adventure for you.
Campaign: Flight of the Eagle
The training vessel ASC Eagle is on a final training cruise when the Cadet-Captain and crew must overcome incredible odds to prevent a war. Are you up to the challenge?
Mission 1: Eagle’s Awakening
And so it begins... The crew of the Eagle are on a routine final training cruise when an unknown enemy attacks a civilian trading post. With the Eagle the only vessel close enough to intervein, the untested crew will face their first real test.
Mission 2: Eagle’s Quest
The crew of the Eagle must follow the clues from the attack on the trading post to track down the mysterious threat. Can they find this new enemy before they can get away?
Mission 3: Eagle’s Shield
The crew of the Eagle must lead the charge to stop a deadly attack before it starts a war between two Galactic superpowers. The fate of the Universe rests in the hands of your galiant crew.
Mission 4: Eagle’s Fury
It's time to go on the offensive... The crew of the Eagle prepare to take the fight to the enemy to prevent future shadow threats in our epic conclusion to the Eagle saga.
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